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The future of living in Melbourne’s flourishing north

The suburb of Donnybrook may be 34 kilometres from the heart of Melbourne and Platform, a new master-planned estate by Blueways Group, is designed in such a way that the need for a car has been reduced, with all homes just a few minutes walk to Donnybrook Railway Station.

With research by Budget Direct uncovering a decline in new car sales and more businesses now open to a more flexible work environment, the need for a car is no longer seen as a necessity but rather a choice and Blueways Group hopes its estate design is a blueprint for future living.

As the Donnybrook population is forecast to grow by an average of 27 per cent each year — becoming home to 12,000 new residents by 2026 — the developer is accommodating this expansion by returning excess land from its Platform estate to the State Government to make way for the revamped Donnybrook Railway Station.

A move touted to assist in drastically improving residents’ connectivity to the CBD (which is already only 35 minutes by train along the bustling Craigieburn line) and the surrounding area, Blueways Group Development Director Andrew Wyatt said the significance of the land sale extends past the visual results of the upgrades.

“This move will not only future-proof our master-planned community, but Donnybrook and surrounding suburbs too. We are focused on forward-planning and part of the motivation to sell the excess land at Platform was the fact that this type of infrastructure redevelopment reflects current lifestyle trends that we are witnessing.

“Specifically, car ownership – in particular multi-car families, has become an option rather than essential. In the last few months alone, we have seen significant changes in the way we all live and work. The global pandemic has impacted everyone, including many people within our communities.

“People have seen what life is like without the daily commute and no longer want to sit in congested traffic on the way to work or they will only go into the office for a few days a week as opposed to five.”

Reflecting on the positives of this dramatically slower lifestyle, Andrew believes 2020 has seen many people simplify their priorities and as such, land estates need to adapt to suit this renewed attitude towards living.

“When this is all finally over, I believe we’re going to see people seeking a ‘village’ lifestyle; this is the future of living. We’re going to see an evolution of what ‘local’ means and an increased focus on facilities and relationships. It is important as developers that we consider these changes and preferences in the selection and design of our sites.

“Blueways Group has always been strategic in this area, focusing on proximity to public transport, local amenities and essential services. Platform currently has several ‘town centres’ being built on its doorstep, this offers a real breadth of choice and a wonderful lifestyle for residents.”

Further proof of its dedication to resident wellbeing, Blueways Group also places an emphasis on complementing built elements with nature, understanding the intrinsic biophilic connection humans require.

Showcasing this commitment is the expansive nature reserve to the west and north of Platform which offers residents easy access to greenery – also forming a vital protected conservation zone along Merri Creek for native flora and fauna to thrive in a healthy habitat.

Tracking significant growth, land lots are still available at Platform, while Stage 4D of the estate’s townhome product has now been released for sale.

Blueways Group
Blueways Group